Who I Am

Tabletop RPG Professional

Spencer Navarra-Chew

I am an experienced professional Dungeon Master, Community Manager, and online Moderator.

I DM for many of the larest and most prestegious organizers in North America, including Baldman Games (which includes GenCon, Origins Game Fair, Winter Fantasy, Wizards Virtual D&D Weekends, and more), GaryCon, GameHoleCon, Unite The Factions (which includes BreakoutCon and Fan Expo Toronto), as well as for CitadelGeek, home games, and private paid gigs.

I founded CitadelGeek in in 2019 and have since grown it into a community of nearly a thousand tabletop gaming enthusiasts in in my spare time. In 2021 I became one of the primary Community Managers and Online Event organizers for Baldman Games, the largest organizer of D&D events in the world, and have helped shepherd that organization to one of the largest online D&D event organizers.

I also moderate many other Discord communities including DisCal, the premiere Calendar bot for Discord; Gripnr, an NFT-based D&D startup; as well as numerous private servers.