What I Do

Services to help your Online community thrive

Discord Server Infrastructure

I have years of experience in building and managing Discord communities. I can help streamline your channel, role, and permissions setup, improve navigation for users, and help you find bots that provide the services you need.

I specialize in helping Tabletop communities, but I've worked with software developers, general interest communities, special event servers, and many more.

Discord Community Moderation

Community moderation is a delicate art. Balancing out respect for users, so they don't feel like they're under constant surveilance, but also mitigating the risks of inapproriate behaviour and protecting from cyberattacks, is tricky. But I have years of experience in managing users, and using the tools of the trade that can automate much of the process.

This is a service that can be incorporated with infrastructure upgrades and management, or I can simply drop in to an existing setup and help out. It's also available with our without Community Building.

Online Community Building

While I don't do recruiting, I do have expertise in forging random server members into a community. I can help your community find a shared purpose, encourage conversation, and introduce activities that foster interaction.

This is a service that is only available as a package with Community Moderation.

Dungeon Master

I have years of expereience running online TTRPG games, with most of that time spent on D&D 5e. I specialize in stories with a strong narative component, with an emphasis on roleplay and exploration. I shy away from an overly technical game experience in favour of a more fluid cinematic experience. This doesn't mean combat is boring, just that I shift the focus away from being a mechanical process to a more creative and engaging one.